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11/24/11 Thanksgiving

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Here are a few photos from over Thanksgiving and a few from Black Friday.



Some More Football

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So my game got rained out this past friday night and postponed until Monday (9/29).  I also went to a different school, Northwest Guilford, where they were playing Mt. Tabor.  I tried my hand at some avalable light shooting this week, part cause I was trying out the D300 and how well it handles the higher ISOs, but also because I forgot my flash in the truck.  I wasn’t too worried because I was keeping my shutter around 1/500th which as all you photo kids know is a stop faster than with a strobe so there really wasn’t a need for it.  I was stopping action, getting faces and expressions, so there was no worries.  My D200 had a hard time keeping up being it was operating without that extra stop from the ISO boost, but it served its purpose.

Here are the shots of the night.
The Toss

Mt. Tabor's Hunter Furr weaves through Northwest Guilford's defense.

Mt. Tabor

The Viking's Sean Pless gets dragged down by the Spartan's Parker Thomas, falling on Lamont Atwater.

The Viking

The Viking's Patric Heckler holds on to the ball tight as Mt. Tabor's Robert Willis closes in quickly for the tackle.

The Viking

The Viking's Reade Ferguson chases down a loose ball.

The Viking

The Viking's Nader Aboughalyoun misses the grab on Mt. Tabor's Lawson Furr.

The Viking

Another Night of Football

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Tonight I went out to East Forsyth where they were playing Mt. Tabor.  It was a good competitive game between these two teams.  I probably came my closest to getting mowed down tonight when both teams came running to the sideline after the man with the ball, there was just no way to escape it.  The final score was 28 to 19 with the Eagles on top.  When the game was coming to an end, the student body decided to try to rush the field when the game ended, luckily that was all suppressed before someone got trampled.  Check out the photos.