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Getting Married?

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Congratulations on your engagement!

Now your planning begins.  If you are needing help finding the right people to make your special day even better, I can help!

Brandon Warren Photography can provide breath taking images of your wedding and perfect portraits to show all your guests.  Would you also like a stunning video of your ceremony?  We can do that too!

BW Photography cannot only provide beautiful imagery and videography of your big day, but also hair styling, makeup, and even locations for your wedding or reception dinner.  All services are provided by talented individuals with years of experience and knowledge in their fields, so you can rest assure that your wedding will be perfect.

We are not just a package deal though, and services provided can be tailored to fit your wedding needs.

BW Photography is now booking for 2014 so if you are interested in one or more of the options above feel free to request a quote by e-mailing  and I will get in touch with you ASAP.

A e-mail never hurt, so why not contact me today?  I look forward to hearing from you!

Be sure to check out my portraits and wedding photography link.  More to come soon!


Elements Studio Christmas Photo

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At Elements Studio we have started a annual Christmas Card photo for the last couple of years, and we go all out…

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E. S. Landscaping

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This was my largest video I produced to date.  Its not that long, but man it brought things into prospective of how long editing can take for a project like this.

Jobs are scares and work is limited, at-least the kind you get payed for. So when I hear of this 17 year old kid starting his own mowing business to make some extra cash, and was keeping yards/business, I was interested.

Now some of you may be thinking so what, but after working in professional landscaping for 4 years of my life I find it interesting to see where it all starts at. Meet Eric Sauls.

RCC Photo Department

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For my final assignment in Digital Imaging I had to create a sort of promotional video for the department which I am a part of.  We the students were allowed to work together and use each others content if we so choose.  This was my first true video project, and was encouraged to use Final Cut Pro on the computers at school, but with the time crunch, I opted to work on my home computer on iMovie ’09.  I think it went well, did not run into anything that I could not do vs. Final Cut Pro.  I actually knew how to do things in iMovie ’09 that my fellow students could not figure out how to do in Final Cut, I credit this to being more familiar with my setup, which was really handy in the time crunch.  Check it out!