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Early Voting

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Enough said!


Nikon 1 V1 Images

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Hello again!  This is my first post in over a year with hopefully many more to come.

I recently purchased the new series that Nikon has released, the Nikon1 V1.  I have been shooting normal everyday things for two days now, and am impressed and happy as of now.  A lot of the options you are used to having with a pro Nikon D-SLR are available in the V1.

Here are a few images from my time with the camera.

A Brighter World

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As most of you know a storm has moved across the U.S. the last couple of days dumping all kinds of precipitation, mostly snow, as it passed. Many of you can probably look out the window right now and understand my title.

When snow hits the Carolinas like it has the last couple days, things come to a crawl, and the cancelations begin to roll across the bottom of our television screens. It is then that my family and I like to venture out of the comfort of our warm home and see the completely transformed world outside.

Here some of the images that I have captured over the past few days, beginning on my way home from work on Friday, Jan. 29, 2010 through present. Check it out!

Work Is Not Always Pretty

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In my spare time around the studio I shoot some pictures to play with my equipment to continue to get to know it better as well as continuing to look at light and composition. Here are a few that I took during breaks and down time.

Being work has slowed, we have the time to get to some much needed cleaning and painting to get the studio back into shape. Here are a few that I found interesting.


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I went out on the night of Halloween to a house in Winston-Salem that decorates like crazy (it is located at the corner of Watson Ave. and Gaston St.).  I had not been by in a few years, and decided to check it out as well as play around with my D300s a little and push its limits in the dark to see how it performed.  I must say I was happy with the results, but you can be the judge.

All of these were shot at 6400 ISO which is as high as she goes.

This last one was in front of another house down the street. Looks strait out of a horror film.


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On Feb. 4, 2009 I woke up to a light blanket of snow on the ground.  I didn’t have school because my class was in Charlotte, N.C. for the start of the Southern Short Course conference, so I decided to take a ride and see what I find.  It was fun, and here are a few things that I came across.


A Kernersville city worker takes away an old Christmas tree in Kernersville, N.C., Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009. Forsyth county schools were closed due to inclement weather, but it did not slow down the pickup crews around town.



Frozen footprints are all that remains of a lone hiker down railroad tracks in Kernersville, N.C., Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009. Forsyth County Schools were closed even though the area received less than expected snow accumulation.



Jalen London gets a push from his older brother Jamaal London on their day out of school in Kernersville, N.C., Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009. Forsyth County Schools were closed even though the area received less than expected snow accumulation.

Six year old Jalen London enjoys his snow day on a hill in Kernersville, N.C., Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009. Forsyth County Schools were closed even though the area received less than expected snow accumulation.

This last one has a bit of a story.


I was riding down the road, on my way back home for the morning when I spotted some people out playing in the snow on ATVs. I thought this would be a cool chance to get some different shots from the rest with flying mud and snow, and there appeared to be a game of those not on the ATVs throwing snowballs at the ones that were. Seemed to be a great photo op. Well I turned around and drove back past the area where I saw the people and couldn’t find them, so I turned back around heading back in the original direction of travel about to give up on the idea when one of the ATVs came back into sight. I pulled over to try to see where the rest were, but they never showed (that’s when I took this photo) so I got out and walked toward the driver to find out what was going on and ask if I could photograph him and his friends doing what they already were.

As I get over to where the ATV driver, there is a white Jeep Cherokee laying all over the horn back at the road near my truck, but pulling into a driveway of a house. I began to wonder if the person in the Jeep was blowing the horn to get my attention, but as I started back toward it, it backed out and drove back in the direction in which it had come, still blowing the horn. Around this time the ATV rider rides up and I ask him about the Jeep, and if it was someone looking for him. I have wondered off in the woods before as well when people start to worry about you and drive around looking, so this is why I thought I should inform him of the horn blowing Jeep. The driver, which turns out is a young boy, I would guess 12-13 years of age, clammed not to know the Jeep.  Now I knew I was going to need to talk with some parents about any photographs due to the boys age. Before I could begin to ask for such information a scream came out from a few houses up calling his name, Dylan, and the boy through down his face shield, started the ATV, and almost ran me over driving to where the voice came from. Once the boy reached his destination, which turned out not to be very far away (300 ft or so) the screaming continued, and that is when I learned that the screaming voice was an angry/scared mother for her child’s safety. “You do not talk to strange people like that guy, you don’t know who that is. You do not talk to strange people!” The screaming ended with a slam of a door.

I was already heading in the direction of my truck, still trying to figure out where the voice had come from, and to figure out who I needed to explain myself to when the man that owned the property I was on came out of his house and called to speak with me. The man was nice and understanding, he understood what I wanted to do, and told me where the boy lived so that I could talk to his parents. I walked up to the house, still toting two cameras because I never went back to my truck. I pushed the doorbell, and didn’t think anyone was going to answer for a long time until finally I heard the deadbolt slide out of the doorframe and the door opened. I introduced myself and explained what I was out doing. The angry mother acted as though she didn’t believe me, so I showed her my school ID as proof. She looked at me, still not convinced. As she got a bit more confirmable, still angry, she stepped into the center of the doorway, never opening the glass screen door more than a crack. When she stepped out, this revealed her right hand, which was clenching a canister of pepper spray. This made me a bit nervous, and I started my way out of the discussion. During my final apology I had a door slammed in my face. I walked back to my truck, and went on my way.

This final photo taught me a couple things, not about photography, but about people.  Everyone is different with different backgrounds, and I do not know what is in their past.  Also, never expect people to understand photojournalism, especially while I am a RCC student.  I feel I approached this situation in the best passable way.

*All of the above is my account of the happening*

Blue Sky

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The last week of my internship was pretty slow, so I did some walking around downtown Greensboro to see what there was to be seen.  Here are a couple I liked.