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Bowman Gray Stadium

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I have been interning at the stadium on the weekends to get a few extra hours while also interning with Elements Studio, a commercial studio in High Point, NC.  I took advantage of this internship to grow my skills and try out a couple new things that I have not “professionally” ever photographed before.

I am going to start getting some of my photos up on here for those of you who would like to see them.  Enjoy!

























E. S. Landscaping

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This was my largest video I produced to date.  Its not that long, but man it brought things into prospective of how long editing can take for a project like this.

Jobs are scares and work is limited, at-least the kind you get payed for. So when I hear of this 17 year old kid starting his own mowing business to make some extra cash, and was keeping yards/business, I was interested.

Now some of you may be thinking so what, but after working in professional landscaping for 4 years of my life I find it interesting to see where it all starts at. Meet Eric Sauls.

Home Grown

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Auman Teel is a farmer in Randolph County that grows his own vegetables, and raises naturally fed beef to sell at his store in Asheboro, the 220 Market, as well as several farmers markets.

Tobacco Farming

Posted in Multimedia, People with tags , on October 14, 2008 by bwarrenphoto

As I looked for an idea for my final story for the semester, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do. I was riding down Union Cross road on my way to school and I noticed the harvest of tobacco had began and decided to stop by and find out what this cash crop was all about and what the future looked like from the farmer’s view.

I was able to talk with Tim Weavil a tobacco farmer from Kernersville about his occupation’s past, present, and future as tobacco fields begin to turn to corn and soy bean fields in search for alternate energy sources.

The Dentist

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I finally learned how to get my multimedia projects on here, so here is one that I did about dentistry. My girlfriend has become a Dental Assistant in the past year, and already been laid off from her first place of employment. They said that they couldn’t afford to keep her there anymore. This seemed strange to me because the dentist had given her only good feedback and being part of the medical industry, people will always have teeth that need to be worked on.

I decided to do some investigating into how another local dentistry was getting along during the current down slide of the economy.