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This is something I wanted to try while at school, but #1 I was too young to be in possession of a hand gun, and #2 guns and schools do not seem to mix too well. I believe I was allowed to have a gun with special permission, but without live ammunition, but that what part of my vision.

Anyways, I finally got a chance to try my hand at it the other day at the studio.
Here are a couple of my favorite.




Midnight Photography

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Went camping with the family this past weekend at Stone Mountain State Park, NC, and while I was there I took the opportunity to try my hand at capturing the amazing blanket of stars visible. Here is what I was able to get.

And here is one I did back in April.


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So I am now working at a Commercial Studio in High Point, NC. I was working a little late when as I was packing up to leave I heard multiple sirens outside. The PJ in me came alive, and my heart began to race as I heard the sirens one after another cut off just down the street. I flipped on the scanner to try to catch a heads up of what was going on. Car off the roadway, only being held by two trees. As if I was not excited enough.

When I got there (business 85, north bound lane, just north of Prospect Dr.), the scene was somewhat of a let down (fortunately for the driver). My assumption of the single car down an embankment is that the driver was focused a bit too hard on something else besides driving as tire tracks gradually moved into the grass with a hard turn to the left just as the tracks go strait over the Hwy marker signs in the foreground of pic 2. The oversteer must have occurred as the car ended up back down the same way as when it first went off course.

While I was there I took about 10 pics, here are a couple.


Another thought I had. I wonder how many people watched this happen (being the road and time of day: 5:30 p.m.). As far as I could tell, no one had stopped besides the emergency services. Hmmm.