It’s all a pretty big deal, and as you can see I’ve been covering it from many angles since I started with the News & Record.

It has all been a great learning experience, learning how to approach, talk to, and behave when dealing with the sometimes touchy topic as well as maintaining a neutural stance during it all.

I quite honestly am a McCain supporter for many reasons, and I believe that he will make the best president for our great country for the next four years.

Now I know that many may disagree with me, and that is fine.  We all have our right to our own opinion on the matter.  This is the mentality I take with me as I go out on assignments such as Joe Biden’s rally in Greensboro.

Staying neutral is kind of hard sometimes when you get right in there with the people, especially when THEY start questioning you, but its good, and I have learned a lot from it all.


One Response to “Politics”

  1. That’s a really good attitude in facing the p-word. Sometimes I wonder if the diehards really even believe in politics — it should be equal parts the process, equal parts the belief of people.

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