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I’ve been making trips to Gospel Light, the high school I graduated from to practice with the 300 mms on some soccer. Its fun, and challenging be ready for anything. Here are some pictures I’ve got over the past few weeks.

Mark fights his way to the ball.

Speaking of soccer, I did an environmental portrait with a soccer player (Eric Sauls) from GL. Here are a couple from that.


My First Wedding

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So, I shot my first wedding a few weeks ago.  I must admit, I was a bit nervous about it, but it turned out not to be so bad.  I rather enjoyed myself being the primary photographer, and having my dad as my secondary. We covered it well, and my dad did a fine job at getting the shots that I wasn’t able to get. I attended a wedding a couple of weeks before to refresh myself on what was going to go down, and watch for where I needed to be to get the shot, which was slightly different of course from the wedding I photographed, but I knew what was going to happen and to be ready for it.  Here are a few of the portraits.  I will have a slide show coming soon.

The Dentist

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I finally learned how to get my multimedia projects on here, so here is one that I did about dentistry. My girlfriend has become a Dental Assistant in the past year, and already been laid off from her first place of employment. They said that they couldn’t afford to keep her there anymore. This seemed strange to me because the dentist had given her only good feedback and being part of the medical industry, people will always have teeth that need to be worked on.

I decided to do some investigating into how another local dentistry was getting along during the current down slide of the economy.

Another Night of Football

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Tonight I went out to East Forsyth where they were playing Mt. Tabor.  It was a good competitive game between these two teams.  I probably came my closest to getting mowed down tonight when both teams came running to the sideline after the man with the ball, there was just no way to escape it.  The final score was 28 to 19 with the Eagles on top.  When the game was coming to an end, the student body decided to try to rush the field when the game ended, luckily that was all suppressed before someone got trampled.  Check out the photos.

My Beach Trip

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I finally got to go to the beach for a few days. I left after school on Wednesday arriving in Myrtle Beach around 7:00. I shot a few photos while I was there, but not a lot. I was able to go to the Ripley’s Aquarium at Broadway at the Beach.

On Saturday morning I made a trip to the ocean to watch the sunrise and take a few pictures, heres what that was about.

Friday Night Football II

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I had my first experience shooting football in the rain on Friday (9/5). The pregame events were dry, and then the game was getting ready to start, and in came the rain. It wasn’t pouring, just a steady drizzle, so I waterproofed my camera, pulled up my hood and went to work. Only problem, a lot of my stuff didn’t turn out, but here are a few I got.

Piedmont Dragway

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I went out to Piedmont Dragway last night to see Darlene run and to try my hand at taking pictures of the cars.  It was pretty fun.  Being this was my first visit to a dragway, I felt alittle lost at first, but quickly figured the place out.  Theres not much to photographing Dragsters because its just the same thing over and over again, but the thought that this time may be the time the normal doesn’t happen kept me on my toes.  There was one wreck, the orange Mustang of Ronnie Tweedy got out of control for just a second and skid down the wall.  Here are a few pics of what went on.